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Research Activities


The research activities of RFTONICS focus on innovative applied and fundamental research. This is because in today’s highly competitive global industry-driven markets, innovative applied research plays a critical if not decisive role, providing not only practical and advanced solutions to critical problems, but also helps creating a range of business opportunities, and is highly attractive to the industry thereby encouraging funding support from different sources.

Fundamental research, on the other hand, is also important for a number of reasons.  It establishes strong reputation for the center and its staff. With fundamental research, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will take advantage of and add to advances made elsewhere in the world. Above all, fundamental research is essential in creating a culture of excellence that is fundamental to the development of highly-trained and successful personnel.

Figure 1 shows the research tracks adopted in our innovation center. These tracks include RF and microwave engineering, wireless communications, and photonics. The first two tracks can be classified under the umbrella of Wireless Technologies, while the third track could be considered under the umbrella of Lightwave Technologies. Also shown in the figure is our view concerning the stages of doing research starting from basic sciences till industrial applications. 


Figure 1: Research Track

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