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Technical Staff

Center Technical Staff

The center research team consists of 5 key elements that include the director or principle investigator, the research thrust leaders, the full-time senior and junior researchers, and Labs technologists.

The TIC director reports to the KACST TIC Program Manager. He/She is responsible of coordinating the whole center activities, applying the TIC objectives, holding periodic meetings with upper management, receiving all the TIC staff reports, monitoring of the center performance, and educational and research activities, etc.

Research Thrust Leaders are responsible of the research thrusts including their associated personnel, ongoing activities and projects. The thrust leader is the driving key person of the whole thrust research team, motivating them and supporting them to attain the TIC objectives. The thrust leader is also responsible for stimulating and building partnership with the industry and other Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and foreign research centers. He/She is also called to participate with the higher management in attracting more contracts, research grants, filing patents, license and spinoff opportunities.

Full-Time senior researchers are assigned to one or more research thrust and report to the respective thrust leader. Under the directions of the thrust leader, the full time senior researcher assumes the permanent hands-on management and supervising responsibility of the ongoing projects. He/She actively participates in progressing the projects, day-to-day contact and decisions, supervision of graduate students, in addition to the project engineers and technicians. This researcher also coordinates research collaborations between the thrust leader and the TIC affiliated professors and industry consultants. Following the directions and decisions of the thrust leader, this researcher assumes the day-to-day supervision of the postdoctoral fellows, the graduate students, engineers and technologists, experiments, prototyping, and demonstrations. Moreover, this researcher actively coordinates the writing of periodic and annual reports, prepares project proposals and reports for industry partners, prepares and makes presentations for industry and international partners, journal and conference publications, etc. Furthermore, he/she has direct responsibility on protecting and registering innovative ideas and concepts that may turn out to patents and trade secrets.

Full-Time junior researchers report to the thrust leaders and collaborate with the full time senior researchers for achieving specific projects.  They may lead ad hoc research teams, participate in building technology testbeds, making proof of concepts, and advanced prototyping steps. Junior researchers also participate in writing the project reports, writing new project proposals, planning and verification. Junior researchers are also asked to actively participate in making outstanding journal and conference publications and apply for new patents.

Laboratory Technologists have direct responsibility of the laboratories and equipments. They prepare laboratories for performing measurements, fabrications, simulations, and training courses.

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