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Automated Medical Support System for Epilepsy Patients

Funding Agency: RFTONICS
Status: Completed (April 2015)

There is great interest from the industry and scientific community in the development of automated medical support systems that incorporate algorithms capable of detecting early onset of epileptic seizures or even predicting them hours before they occur. Therefore, this research work is to design, develop, and test a portable wireless patient-specific system capable of detecting epilepsy seizure event and epilepsy seizure onset through analysis of scalp EEG signals. Specifically, the proposed system is intended to perform two main tasks. The first is to alert the patient before the occurrence of an epilepsy attack, and sends warning messages over cellular network to pre-defined list of people (caregivers). The second task is to trigger transmission of brain’s electrical seizure activity (i.e., raw EEG signals acquired during a suspicious attack) over cellular network to a remote location for data processing and monitoring.