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Compressive Sensing Based Processing for Multiband/Multi-frequency Passive Radars

Funding Agency: RFTONICS

Status: Completed (May 2016)

Passive radar systems utilize signals from existing RF radiation in the environment that is typically produced by different communication systems (e.g., FM, GSM, and DTV). Thus, these systems have some advantages over classical active radar systems (e.g., lower cost, covert, less prone to jamming, etc.). This research work primarily deals with the topic of advanced signal processing techniques for enhanced targets detection, which is considered to be one of the most challenging research and development areas in radar and sensor processing technologies. Specifically, in this work, we address the problem of achieving high range resolution, increased range coverage while the data acquisition rate is kept relatively low. That is, this research work incorporates new and exciting concepts in terms of multiband and multi-frequency operations into the framework of a compressive sensing based passive radar system.