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Test-bed of Terabit Fiber Optical Communication System

Test-bed of Terabit Fiber Optical Communication System

Funding Agency: RFTONICS

Status: Completed (April 2015)

The principle objective of this proposal is to build a complete test-bed for the terabit age communication. This test-bed allows the prototyping and testing of novel designs and settings for most of the modules and sub-systems that will be needed for these future systems. The test-bed allows the testing and evaluation of performance of new ideas of transmitters, novel implementations of receivers, new designs of erbium doped, or Raman amplifiers, innovative modulation, coding, and multiplexing schemes, etc. This project is composed of two sub-projects, each of which can be considered as a separate objective. The first is the prototyping of Terabit transmitter that involves complex modulation and all optical OFDM. The second is a Terabit receiver with advanced equalization algorithms that may be implemented off-line or in real time.  


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