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Omnidirectional indoor antennas (GSM and TETRA)

Omnidirectional indoor antennas (GSM and TETRA)

            Funding Agency: RFTONICS

            Status: Completed (May 2016)

Omnidirectional antennas with a compact size and broadband characteristics remain in high demand due to the emerging applications in commercial and military sectors. With the rapid increase in wireless devices, the need for high data rate communication having stable radiation patterns has also increased especially for indoor communication scenarios. In order to meet these requirements, two different kinds of omnidirectional indoor antennas are designed, covering the GSM and TETRA bands. The first antenna is designed for the GSM/Wifi/WLAN band. The antenna achieves a wideband characteristics (800 MHz – 3000 MHz) with high gains (5 dBi - 8 dBi). The second antenna is based on the TETRA frequency band. It covers a wide frequency band (380 MHz – 3000 MHz) and produces higher gains (1.55 dBi - 10.2 dBi) comparable to the current market standards. For both the antenna designs, due to the 360 degrees horizontal pattern, compact size and light weight they can be very easily installed and even mounted upside down from a ceiling in the indoor environment. Also, because of their shape it is very convenient to attach these antennas to other products.

Fig.1 Design and Radiation Pattern (a) GSM omnidirectional antenna (b) TETRA omnidirectional antenna

Fig.2 S-parameters and Gains; (a) GSM (b) TETRA antennas


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